Kao-pan-suk – Rice of Happiness

3 May

Thailand’s flood crisis in 2011 gave birth to legacies that were designed to prevent future floods from reaching their 2011 magnitude – flood walls, drainage systems, response teams, coordination centers, warning systems among other projects were created in the wake of the catastrophe by government as well as ordinary people.IMG_0283 One project that was created in the spirit of from the people for the people is Kaopunsuk. This project is spearheaded by Khun Preeda and this team that has set out to alleviate the plight of flood affected farmers and puts them on a sustainable path through organic farming. The initiative is one of the projects funded through the Wipe the Tide campaign. IMG_0138 Their farsighted approach provides the tools, consultation, marketing and training to help farmers grow and sell organic rice and flood resistant plants. Given a world in which large corporations gain more and more control over our food and their power allows them to have free reign over the amount of chemicals and pesticides used in the production brands like Kaopunsuk should get more support.

How many of us do know where our food comes from, how it’s produced? Not only our well-being but that of our planet depends on it. Large corporations  lure farmers into dependence. They lure them into planting new or additional crops under the promise to buy it from them. Especially in mountainous areas more pristine rainforest is destroyed  and those corporations never keep their promise. Farmers never receive the promised amount per unit and farmers are often at the loosing end. Through our consumption we are able to strengthen brands whose purpose is to counter these problems, by strengthening the farmers, by helping them in financial management, branding, marketing, and trainings to provide quality output, community strengthening and sustainable operations that ensure the long-term health of our natural resources. Kaopunsuk is one of these emerging purpose driven brands that do just that and aim to shift more consumers away from companies striving for a monopoly and towards smaller grassroots brands. kps2

Kaopunsuk means: Kao (rice) pun (share) suk (happiness) does not only stand for top quality organic rice but promotes a combination of social innovative initiatives that promote self sustainability, urban farming, organic products, a conscious lifestyle and social enterprises. The revenue is going into further social initiatives of which some are supported and/or initiated by bangkokvanguards.


Kaopunsuk next project is to invite people to become guerrilla gardeners and grow their own Kaopunsuk rice. All you need are 4 square meters of space with sunlight and a training session with Kh.Preeda’s team in which you receive equipment, tools and training. The yield of 8-10 kg of rice can be used for self-consumption or be donated to the needy (schools, orphanages, communities,etc.).

Through this initiative Kaopunsuk wants to promote doing good in new ways, increase the consumption of healthy rice and draw attention to their cause. We believe that with your help Kaopunsuk will be the beginning of positive change for many of Thailand’s farmers who still make up the backbone of Thailand’s population. To stay informed or to join further initiatives follow Kaopunsuk or bangkokvanguards. IMG_1214

To visit the Kaopunsuk’s project and to become rice farmers for a weekend keep an eye on Vanguards Explorers. When ever it’s time to plant or harvest rice the experience provider of bankokvanguards will facilitate the Kaopunsuk experience as a local, offbeat, fun and meaningful Thailand experience with our popular ingredients of biking, BBQ parties, camping and/or staying in selected local places.VN38untitled (401 of 451)IMG_0734

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